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Do You Film in 4K? . . .

We can Film in 4K at an extra cost however we tend not to unless we need it. Filming all day, Non stop in 4K means we‘ll be producing huge files. Your project will take much longer to process and longer to edit.  


Let the professionals capture your

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What Equipment do you use?...

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This can vary but it can take up to 2-3 weeks before you get your final video because we know you're super excited to share your big day with your friends and family.


The reason why it can take so long is that we take pride in the work we produce. We want to give you something that is beautifully crafted and not rushed and this takes time.

We use Sony Professional equipment such as Sony FDR-AX100E, SonyHDR-TD10 and Nikon DSLR. These are small HD lightweight cameras to ensure we're not being obtrusive with heavy manned equipment. We use other equipment such as Gimbals, Sliders, Drones and Tripods to ensure that we capture your wedding in a stylistic way.

What’s the difference between HD and 4K?...

1080p HD has become the norm with HD TV’s now common place in the home. The value of watching HD programs is quite clear to all viewers, you can spot the difference easily between Standard Definition and HD. To watch HD disc productions you need a Blue Ray player where for £40 plus they are available in the high street. They play either DVD or Blue Ray discs. A HD Memory Stick which slots into most modern TV’s can also be used to play HD films.

4K takes up a tremendous amount of data and takes 3 times as long in both final  editing time at a much higher cost. As 4K TV’s gradually come down in price it will be the future of production in the industry.


Where do you cover? . . .

There isn't a limitation on where we cover, if you like our work and you want us to be a part of your big day then we will travel as long as our expenses are covered.

How much is the deposit? How do we Pay? And When is the Final Balance Required? . . .

Upon booking, we will send a contract over along with an invoice which will have a breakdown of the deposit of £100 and the remaining balance. The remaining balance is to be paid 1 week before the wedding date. You may pay however you like, some couples like to pay in monthly instalments up until the wedding date, that's up to you.

Most couples choose to pay via BACS but we accept cheque, paypal, or cash.

Can we choose our own music? . . .

For the Feature and Highlights, we don't mind using songs of your choice. If it's a song that has a lot of value to you then we'll include it in the video (This is only applicable for those booking the Platinum Package and above)


However, for all other music, we licence the music off a professional website used by TV/Film studios. The reason for this is because we believe music adds a Cinematic Value to your video. It also means we're able to edit the speeches into the video easier by choosing music sometimes without lyrics.


Finally, by licensing the music via this website, it means you won't run into any copyright issues on Social Media. The last thing you'd want is, to receive a beautiful video of your big day and not be able to share it with your friends and family.


When will we get our Video? . . .

Do you do Photography? . . .

No, however we work with a variety of photographers who have kindly allowed us to give our clients a discount to those who want to book us together. The benefit of booking Photographers and Videographers that know each other is that we know how to work together.